Sauvereign and Studio Putman unveil Dualitès: Mosaic of Details Exhibition

Sauvereign and Studio Putman unveil Dualitès: Mosaic of Details Exhibition

Presenting Honk Kong to the scene for a surreal mixture of art, fashion, and avant-garde design, Dualités: Mosaic of Details by Sauvereign and Studio Putman offers a curated quest into the details that define an era, an object, and a story.

Situated at the Metal Zone Atrium of Elements Hong Kong this transformative exhibition blends classic and contemporary styles while paying homage to fine craftsmanship. It’s a journey of exploration into the creative minds of these two distinguished design houses that unveils both classic pieces that exemplify Putman’s simple but refined approach and brand-new, one-of-a-kind works that resulted from the partnership between Putman and Sauvereign.

Sauvereign’s influence, stemming from its multidisciplinary artistry, complements Studio Putman’s ‘radical simplicity.’ The exhibition sparks a dialogue about the duality of detail and simplicity, where every piece stands as a testament to Maison’s ethos – ‘Creating Legends.’

The exhibition space is divided into three curated areas, each illustrating the studio’s distinct evolution over the last forty years. In the tasteful juxtaposition of retrospective and contemporary pieces, one can find designs from each era harmoniously communicating with one another, creating a multi-dimensional dialogue of design’s past, present, and future. Among the exhibited artefacts, viewers will also be captivated by avant-garde furniture pieces that morph into wearable art, a signature of Sauvereign’s practice.

The collaboration running through the 14th of June, represents a promising new chapter for both houses, further enhancing the landscape of art, luxury, and interior design.

by Zlata Kryudor


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