Mica Argañaraz speaks to Glass on fronting Narciso Rodriguez’s All of Me fragrance

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TAKING her model status to the next level, Narciso Rodriguez unveiled Mica Argañaraz as his muse and the face of the brand’s latest fragrance, All of Me. Speaking to the Argentinian ‘it’ girl exclusively, she shares her thoughts with Glass about this appointment.

How does it feel to be the face of the new Narciso Rodriguez fragrance, all of me?

Being the face of Narciso Rodriguez all of me is a dream come true! As a fan of the brand, I was really excited to be a part of this campaign. It feels incredibly rewarding to represent such an iconic and unique scent.

What have you found most exciting about being the face of this new women’s fragrance?

I’m so excited to be the face of a fragrance – especially from a brand that I’ve always loved. So much creativity and passion has gone into the making of this fragrance, and being a part of that and helping to bring the designer’s vision to life in the campaign film is something I’ll never forget.

You had already worked with Narciso Rodriguez on his runway shows. How was it when you first met Narciso Rodriguez, and how has your relationship evolved since?

I loved walking his fashion shows and he is such an icon in the fashion industry. When you’re doing shows you don’t always get to spend time with the designer, as things are so hectic backstage at big runway shows.

It was really nice to be able to spend time with him on this shoot and not only work with him again, but get to know him better.  He’s so generous and inspiring. Working with him on the all of me campaign set, we exchanged creative ideas about how to capture the spirit of the all of me woman, and I’m really proud of what we achieved.  

Tell us about all of me – what does the fragrance smell like and how does it make you feel?

It’s really hard to describe, because it’s floral, but it’s really not like any other floral fragrance I have ever smelled. It has this really intoxicating quality – when I first tried it, I couldn’t stop going back to it. I feel like when you wear it, it really becomes one with you – it seems to somehow work with whatever mood I’m in and whatever I’m doing.

How would you describe the all of me woman in three words?

Confident, captivating and strong.

What does the name of the fragrance all of me mean to you?  What is your interpretation of the name?

To me, the name all of me evokes a sense of closeness and intimacy – a connection that is deep, a fragrance that is personal.

I think “All of Me” is like reminder to live authentically and cherish every single part of who we are. 

Can you tell us what it was like shooting the campaign for all of me? What was the most memorable moment?

Shooting the campaign for the all of me fragrance was really exciting. We worked closely with the creative team to bring the vision of the fragrance to life.

Making the video was a highlight – I was dancing on a stage with the perfect blend of music, movement, and visual effects that allowed me to fully embody the captivating essence of the fragrance. It was a moment I won’t forget!

What was it like to collaborate with Sølve Sundsbø? Had you worked with him before? 

Working with Sølve Sundsbø for the all of me fragrance campaign was a great experience. I’d worked with him before for an editorial shoot, so there was a relaxed and familiar vibe on set. It was a collaborative process, and I felt really comfortable working with him to bring the vision to life.

The all of me fragrance has many facets. Can you tell us a bit about your own different facets?

Haha, that could take a while! I feel like I can be ten different people all in one day! I have a very creative, artistic side, but then at the same time I’m also very driven and determined.

I’m pretty independent and know my own mind but there are also times when I doubt myself and need reassurance from the people I’m closest to.

I can be very different from day to day – some nights I’m the last one standing at the party and then other days, I just want to curl up on my sofa with something good on Netflix and a takeaway. I’m super social but I also need my alone time. 

What do the notes of all of me – rose, geranium and musc – evoke for you? 

I have always found musc really addictive – that’s what originally drew me to the narciso rodriguez brand when I first tried the fragrances years ago. I really love the skin-on-skin quality of musc.

Rose, to me, is such an iconic scent but I’d never really worn it before myself as I thought it would be too traditional. But in all of me, it’s completely transformed – it’s really modern and not at all like my preconceptions of a rose fragrance.

As for geranium, I didn’t really know much about its scent before. Since working with Narciso Rodriguez, I’ve learned that it isn’t usually used in women’s fragrances, only in men’s so I think it’s really cool that it’s used in all of me. 

by Imogen Clark

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