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TITLED The Morning After, The Attico has decided to base its first-ever runway presentation on themes of ephemerality, voyeurism and seduction. Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosia – founders of The Attico – decided to demonstrate their contagious interest in hedonistic, sultry evening-wear.

The juxtaposing styles of the two founders have created an eccentric offspring arriving in the form of The Attico. Tordini chooses to embrace more minimalist, paired-back design codes whereas Ambrosia prides herself on opulence and extravagance.

The narrative of the presentation is centred around a woman’s recount of her morning after. With reputable figures such as Dua LipaHailey Bieber and Jourdan Dunn being fans of the brand, it’s clear the design duo’s outspoken attitude is praised by their primary demographic.

The scene is set; sofas are scattered upon an isolated street where models strut exemplifying their nonchalance to the world around them.

With straps asymmetrically falling down angular shoulders, mismatched shoes and a blasé attitude, it’s clear that the Attico woman prides herself on her indestructible confidence and self-assurance.

Forcing the audience to feel like a spectator to this theatrical scene, the brand empowers the viewers to embrace their own imperfections and be open to change, fluctuation and impulsiveness.

Donning assertive, structural pieces such as shapely trench coats alongside slashed, oversized trousers, the models simultaneously reveal and protect themselves from the glare of the outside world.

Speaking on the juxtaposition, the designers said, “We wanted our collection to happen in the street, which is a sort of cinematic set where people are both stars and voyeurs.”

With such a focus on internal vs. external forces, the collection undeniably alludes to the mysterious promiscuity of the night before.

The colour palette matches this allusive charm. A mélange of navy blues, blacks and cloudy greys are used in conjunction with vibrant reds, blush pinks and metallic silver highlights – perhaps a metaphorical homage to the events of the previous soirée.

Evening dresses adorned with feathers, fringe, tassels and crystals all sparkled under twilight sky – another reference to the carpe diem-inspired way of life for the Attico woman. However, the focus is not only on evening dresses.

Large, oversized suits and cargo pants stand out on the runway against the kaleidoscope of eccentricity ensuring that comfort remains a key component to the designers’ collection.

Emancipating women from constraint and judgement through design and concept, the design duo keep their focus on ensuring women feel free and liberated when sporting the garments.

by Sophie Richardson


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