Facialist Hadda Akrim talks to Glass about Dior Spa by Dior Beauty at Plaza Athénée

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HAVING become renowned for their innovative approach to luxury beauty and wellness, Dior recently re-launched their bespoke initiative in Paris – the Dior Spa by Dior Beauty at the Plaza Athénée.

Offering Parisians and visitors a new type of spa experience, that renders itself very far away from your traditional visits, the Dior Spa has been revamped to further the idea of a sanctuary on Avenue Montaigne.

Bringing the House philosophy and founder Christian Dior’s understanding that “elegance is a whole, and what is not seen, counts as much as what is seen” to fruition, this updated refuge offers a holistic programme for all to indulge in.

Speaking exclusively to Glass, facialist Hadda Akrim got to preview the Dior Spa at the Plaza Athénée, experimenting with their new equipment and telling us what she really thought of her time there.

Entrance of the Dior Spa by Dior Beauty at the Plaza Athénée. Credit: Parfums Christian Dior

  1. What is your philosophy when it comes to wellness and beauty? 

You can’t have outer beauty without inner beauty. I believe in a 360 approach and that our skin reflects what we put into our bodies and our overall lifestyle –  from the food we eat, to our stress levels and day to day environment.  We can feed our skin topically with regular treatments and skincare, but if our lifestyle is not in line with this and causes inflammation, this will show on your skin. 

  1. Had you heard about the Dior Spa prior to visiting it? If so, what did you know? 

 I did hear about the spa before visiting. I knew I was going to be immersed in the most luxurious, elegant wellness sanctuary, where I could experience some of the most high-tech treatments within the industry, paired with the best expert techniques and it did not disappoint! 

Double Suite the Dior Spa by Dior Beauty at the Plaza Athénée. Credit: Parfums Christian Dior

  1. The Dior Light Suite is a first for a luxury hotel in Paris. Can you describe what it does, and the benefits you saw from it? 

The Dior light suite is a light therapy room with a ceiling set with different light programs that have been developed with a sleep doctor, to mimic the light produced by the sun.  After a consultation and depending on your individual needs, a program will be curated for you that either rebalances or re-energises. After having my treatment, that same night I slept a full night without waking, which as a mom of two is rare for me and I felt super energized the next day. 

  1. The Dior Privé Sur-Demande Treatment was especially designed for this space. Can you talk me through your experience and how it’s different from what’s on offer?

 I love how the Prive Sur-Demande treatment is a completely bespoke protocol which achieves instant results for clients for the face and body. The combination of a high tech and hands on approach will instantly leave you feeling and looking rejuvenated. I chose to treat the face and my skin immediately felt lifted. 

  1. What treatments would you recommend if you were looking to rejuvenate? 

I would recommend the Dior powered by Hydra Facial with the Dior Skin Light LED Therapy.  Your skin will receive a deep cleanse and exfoliation whilst being boosted with the right nutrients. Finishing off with some light therapy will help boost cellular respiration and overall skin health. 

Hadda Akrim having a Hydra Facial at Dior Spa by Dior Beauty at the Plaza Athénée. Credit: Parfums Christian Dior

  1. What is your favourite technology that Dior uses?

 I loved the D-Waves body treatment, this technology combines electro-stimulation with cryotherapy, it intensely detoxifies skin tissue and instantly firms up the skin. A great pre-event treatment! 

  1. What’s your go-to Dior Beauty product and why?

I have two favourite go-to Dior products actually.  The Prestige Cleansing Balm which is great for cleansing off make-up and the impurities that build up during the day. It creates a lovely  clean canvas for the products you follow with. Then it’s the Dior Prestige La Creme. I love using this creme overnight to help restore the skin’s barrier function and keep it in balance. 

  1. If you could do one treatment again, what would it be? 

I would go for the D-Waves treatment

Hadda Akrim having the D-Waves treatment at Dior Spa by Dior Beauty at the Plaza Athénée. Credit: Parfums Christian Dior

  1. Looking back at your experience, what did the Dior Spa have that other leading spas don’t?

The combination of cutting edge technology and an expert hands-on approach in all the treatments. The luxurious aesthetic and attention to detail is like no other and you are immersed in this from the moment you walk in, until the moment you walk out. 

Hadda Akrim at Dior Spa by Dior Beauty at the Plaza Athénée. Credit: Parfums Christian Dior

  1. Finally, what’s a less known beauty secret that you wish more people knew about? 

The power of Facial massage – using your own hands for working in your skincare products at home.  Using massage techniques on the face, neck and décolletage is so beneficial, even just a few minutes per day can help improve your skin’s microcirculation, oxygenating your skin cells and eliminating toxins. 

by Imogen Clark


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