ugg palace collaboration

Palace and Ugg release second collaboration

JOINING forces with Palace for its second capsule, Ugg continues to build its presence as a renowned global lifestyle brand. Having initially grown in popularity in response to the rise of the valley girl aesthetic, Uggs have since been subverted and reimagined in countless ways.

For their first collaboration together, Palace and Ugg decided to adorn the iconic Ugg boots with blue lightning bolts. Now, the streetwear and comfort brand have taken a different approach.

Palace x Ugg Tasman

New for this winter, the Ugg Tasman slipper is embellished with various loud, vibrant graphics – an ode to Palace’s playful and eclectic style. A devil, an angel, a peace sign, a frog, a sun and a duck are among the selection of new decals.

Palace x Ugg Mittens

Alongside the reinvented slipper, the collaboration also features Ugg Palace mittens and a Ugg Palace sheepskin rug. The mittens are decorated with the same aforementioned images, whereas the sheepskin rug is in the shape of a “P” for Palace.

Palace x Ugg rug

Similarly, to celebrate the release of the new launch, Palace has released a film starring Alexis Taylor, Lucien Clarke, Dino da Silva, Lloyd Hodgson and Cece Asembo. The film has been directed by long-time Palace collaborator Adam Todhunter and exhibits an exclusive new song.

by Sophie Richardson

The second Palace x Ugg collaboration is now available to buy online exclusively at Palace stores and online at


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