Dior ushers in the New Year with Otani Workshop capsule

USHERING in the New Year with an exclusive capsule collection, Dior has just unveiled its new collaboration with Japanese artist Otani Workshop – also known as Shigeru Otani.

Having previously worked with Joana VasconcelosManu and Madhvi Parekh and Peter Doig, Dior is no stranger to partnering with prestigious figures from the art world. Similarly, Otani Workshop is considered a trailblazer in the Japanese contemporary art scene.

Otani Workshop is a renowned sculptor born and raised in Shiga prefecture. His work often consists of humanlike figures made from various materials including wood, iron, clay and more. Moreover, the artist demonstrates a profound interest in creating sculptures full of personality and charm.

Now, for the latest offering, Otani Workshop has created a small green monster that adorns various Dior garments. In particular, the monster – named Tanilla – is seen on sweaters, short-sleeved t-shirts, bombers, denim overshirts and more. Those with a keen eye may also notice that Tanilla appears as a motif alongside a burgundy and pink rendition of the Dior oblique toile.

Furthermore, The creature is seen on a stylised adaptation of the Dior logo, which, in turn, embellishes hooded sweatshirts and pouches. Built upon a colour palette of warm red hues – also known as the “colour of life” in the eyes of Monsieur Dior –  the green monster is an eye-catching chef-d’œuvre conceived by the two affluent names.

by Sophie Richardson

The new pieces will be on display in Dior boutiques and are now available to shop online here.


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