Loewe’s new Crafted World exhibition lands in Shanghai

LOEWE – the Spanish heritage house – has just announced its first major exhibition. Titled Crafted World, the exhibition is set to take place at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre in Spring 2024.

Paying homage to tradition and community, the exhibition – curated by Loewe’s creative director Jonathan Anderson – takes a deep dive into the iconic designs and collaborations released by the brand over the years. From its launch as a leather-making collective in Madrid to becoming one of the most eclectic brands of today, the exhibition will explore Loewe’s 178 years of existence.

Crafted World will provide an intimate insight into the brand’s cultural endeavours. For example, the exhibition will guide visitors through Loewe’s appointment as an official supplier to the Spanish Royal Crown, its acquisition by LVMH, the establishment of the Loewe Foundation, the launch of the first Loewe store in China and the emergence of the Loewe Foundation Craft Prize.

The Shanghai Exhibition Centre, which covers over 1,600 square metres, is the ideal venue for the new experience. Providing plenty of space to showcase the brand’s artworks and artifacts, the audience is immediately transported to locations across the globe. From the sensory sounds of Spain to the front row of the Paris runway, a story of warmth and care – values upon which the house was built – is elegantly portrayed.

Paying homage to Indian ribbon-makers, Ecuadorian tapestry artists, South African basket-makers and Chinese bamboo weavers, Crafted World will reveal the incredible network of creatives behind Loewe’s trailblazing designs.

by Sophie Richardson

Crafted world will run from 22nd March to 5th May 2024 before travelling worldwide. The exhibition is open to the public, and entrance is free.


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