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OPTING to showcase its work through a powerful performance piece in lieu of a traditional fashion show, Completedworks tapped legendary British actress Joanna Lumley for its autumn-winter 2024 presentation.

Performing a powerful monologue at the show, Lumley was the perfect actress for the occasion. Known for her strong sense of personal style, Lumley’s monologue showcased Completedworks’ latest collection in all its glory.

However, her performance was not solely focused on the latest sparkling pieces. Merging fashion with philanthropy, the speech explored the relationship between fashion, culture and identity. Utilising the platform to highlight the challenges that contemporary designers face, the issue of cultural appropriation and other current fashion affairs, Lumley exemplified the fashion industry’s expansive reach.

Following a script written by Fatima Farheen Mirza, Lumley adopted the character of Lilith for the presentation.

“Writing a monologue which was inspired by the tone and energy and sculptural pieces of Completedworks was such a fun challenge that both stretched and surprised me and it will be a dream to have it performed,” explained Fatima.

Showcasing shimmering earrings, necklaces and rings, Completedworks has delivered yet another refined and sophisticated collection. Pearls enveloped and adapted elegant forms, adding volume and elegance with each embellishment.

Elevated by a muted pastel colour palette, the collection is a delicate homage to everyday femininity. Similarly, bags were presented with origami-inspired forms. Light and adorned with bows, the bags added further dynamism and movement to the presentation.

Speaking on the show, the creative director Anna Jewsbury said: “We liked the idea of a monologue as an alternative to a traditional fashion show, something that weaved in the energy of a live performance.

We hoped to create something people can assemble their experiences around. We wanted it to investigate something personal but also be open to elements of the collective experience that are unknown and unknowable.”

Maintaining a dedication to sustainable design and timeless sculptural pieces, Completedworks’ collaboration with Lumley is certainly one of London Fashion Week’s most welcomed surprises.

by Sophie Richardson


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