Tyler, the Creator designs standalone capsule for Louis Vuitton

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TYLER, the Creator is no stranger to fashion so it seems natural that long-time friend of Pharrell’s joins his LVERS community to conceive a capsule for Louis Vuitton Spring 2024.

Exercising his creative lens as an artist and bringing his eclectic taste to the House, a preppy yet sophisticated version of the modern dandy was welcomed into the LV sphere.

Focusing on trans-seasonal silhouettes, colours and functionality, Tyler brought his own iconography to the table, producing a ‘Craggy Monogram’ hand drawn by the musician himself for the collection. “My main focus was making things I would wear all the time,” he explained. “I dress the same in a meeting as I do a performance or a grocery store trip, so hand drawing the monogram felt like the perfect balance to me”.

Muting the colour palette to hues of brown, caramel and midnight blue with bold pops of pink, baby blue and custard yellow, the attention was all in the detail. The classic LV Flowers had hidden daises in them and the Airedale Terrier, a motif of Tyler, found itself appear in the brand’s visual identity.

Dancing between elegant looks of leather varsity jackets, shorts with pleats and collegiate knitwear, more relaxed pieces like denim dungarees, fleece jackets and windbreakers added a more youthful tone to the capsule.

Playing around with the name of his own label, Golf Wang, Tyler gave a nod to his own design legacy with a Sac Golf and a mini cross-body golf bag.

Further adding his own little personal touches to the capsule for spring, the multi-hypenate also crafted a travel chessboard made with chess pieces hand-sketched by him. “The chessboard is one of the greatest things I’ve made and is definitely my favourite thing from the collection,” Tyler states. “P has always left a door open for me, but I still can’t believe this one”.

Speaking on inviting Tyler to design for Louis Vuitton, creative director Pharrell spoke saying: “This collaboration is unique to Louis Vuitton because it’s a natural extension of our LVERS philosophy, building on our network of incredible artists and creatives. There are so many elements specific to Tyler built into these pieces and it’s been inspiring to see him hone in on his craft and collaborate with him for this Spring collection”.

by Imogen Clark


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