Louis Vuitton showcases its olfactory expertise in A Perfume Atlas book

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LOUIS Vuitton unveiled its latest sensory masterpiece: A Perfume Atlas. Diving into the Maison’s wealth of olfactory experience, the book – orchestrated by Louis Vuitton’s Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud – offers intimate insight into the perfume-making process.

Louis Vuitton A Perfume Atlas

From the harvest of raw materials to the delicate extraction and distillation processes, the book centres itself around Jacques Cavallier Belletrud’s unparalleled savoir-faire.

With words by Lionel Paillès, an author internationally known for his perfumery expertise, photographs by Sébastien Zanella and illustrations by Aurore de la MorinerieA Perfume Atlas exhibits Louis Vuitton’s long-standing interest in fragrance.

Louis Vuitton A Perfume Atlas

The book features more than 200 watercolour depictions to pay further homage to the intricate craft. In a celebration of high perfumery, the publication intertwines science with its poetic counterpart.

Showcasing some of the Maison’s most recognisable scents such as Rose de Mai of Grasse, oud Assam of Bangladesh and bergamot of Calabria, the book is a must-have for nature, travel and beauty lovers alike.

Louis Vuitton A Perfume Atlas

For those particularly interested in the Master perfumer’s favourite materials, A Perfume Atlas is also available in a limited edition set: The Perfume Atlas exclusive set. It includes a beautiful case of 45 phials containing the finest raw materials.

by Sophie Richardson

Available to buy from April 2ndA Perfume Atlas retails for 160 euros at all Louis Vuitton stores and onlineThe Perfume Atlas exclusive set will be available for 5,000 euros at selected stores.


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