Dolce & Gabbana reimagines K & Q Eaux de Parfum Intense

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COMBINING olfactory prowess with unparalleled freshness, Dolce & Gabbana has just unveiled two new scents that reinterpret the original K & Q fragrances. The K & Q Eaux de Parfum Intense invite the wearer into a heavenly landscape of distinct notes and ingredients.

Signed by Daphne Bugey, the original K & Q Eaux de Parfum instantly became a cult classic amongst fragrance cognoscenti across the globe. Now, the master perfumer has added further zest and zeal to the signature scents.

K & Q Eau de Parfum Intense

Weaving a web of citrusy decadence, the reimagined Q Eau de Parfum Intense maintains the top notes of its original formula with Sicilian lemons, tangy orange and jasmine petals.

“In the new Q Eau de Parfum Intense, cherry continues to be the common thread, but turns into a delicious dark cherry with the warmest and deepest accords, mixing with the more feminine and intoxicating side of heliotrope, giving the fragrance a material texture. Contrasting the with brighter base of the original Q Eau de Parfum, the sensual ambery accord accentuates the seductive energy of this new version,” explains Bugey.

Q Eau de Parfum Intense

Meanwhile, the new K Eau de Parfum Intense comes to life with Sicilian lemon and red oranges as the fragrance’s unique top notes. The scent melts into the skin to provide long-lasting exciting allure, featuring soft fig, warm saffron, an earthy wood base note, and subtle tones of a leathery accord.

Appearing in glamorous packaging, the new bottles match the quality of the accompanying scents. Q Eau de Parfum Intense arrives in a precious glass bottle, leaving viewers in awe at the scent’s cherry red colour.

K Eau de Parfum Intense

In contrast to its feminine counterpart, K Eau de Parfum Intense’s bottle is of a beautiful, deep midnight blue hue. With each container fitted with a crown-inspired cap, it’s evident that the Q & K Eaux de Parfum will bring lavish grandeur to every spritz.

by Sophie Richardson

The Q Intense is available in 30ml (RRP £70), 50ml (RRP £99) and 100ml (£132).

The K Intense is available in 50ml ( £81) and 100ml (£110).

Available at Harrods, Boots & John Lewis. For more information, please visit here.


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