Louis Vuitton travels to Barcelona for Cruise 2025

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FAMED for its exotic locations and celebration of its storied heritage in travel, Louis Vuitton‘s Cruise show traveled to Barcelona to present its 2025 collection.

Picking the UNESCO World Heritage site of Park Güell, a pinnacle of architectural prowess by Antoni Gaudí, artistic director Nicolas Ghesquière was drawn to the idea of ‘a legacy in constant mutation’ – basically the notion of continually reimagining the integral parts of something, and in his case, Louis Vuitton.

Having marked a decade at the brand earlier this year, surely at this point the designer should be stuck at how to continue his innovative take on womenswear at the House? But, alas for Cruise 2025 he took his futuristic touch and complimented it with Spain’s decadent culture.

Opening on a restricted palette of white, black and sand, the first model paraded down the concrete runway in a slanted leather boater, reflective sports-inspired glasses and an oversized, yet structured dress that opened with a firm white collar. What proceeded was a parade of 15 more looks playing with these tones in a very 80s manner – think padded shoulders and collarless blazers.

As the collection evolved, Ghesquière’s rigorous ability to shapeshift material flourished. Fringed leather ankle boots, off-the-shoulder ballon ruffed mini dresses, intricate two-tone floral embroidered dresses, ruffed-up tweed two-pieces and sheer polka-dot gowns all played a harmonious symphony of contradictory artistic expression.

Fusing the spirit of the Spanish city with the craftsmanship of Louis Vuitton, Cruise 2025 was another testament to his sheer force of taking something as simple as ready-to-wear and continually bringing a rare sense of newness to it.


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